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WHO is Innovative Assessment Design?

My name is Pauline Morrison and I gained my Bachelor of Education in Home Economics (Secondary) from Deakin University in 1996. When I started teaching in 1997 I taught VCE Materials and Technology (Food), VCE Technological Design and Development (Food), VCE Health Studies and VCE Human Development.

As the years passed those subjects changed and merged into the current VCE Food Studies and VCE Health and Human Development study designs. Apart from a year off here and there I have taught VCE subjects full time, part time or as a CRT since 1997.

Why Innovative Assessment Design?

Like you all, I am a teacher currently teaching Food Studies – so I understand the study design, the issues around it and what you need to deliver it. Who knows better what teachers need than another teacher?

When the new Food Studies study design started in 2017, I was looking for commercial resources to “get me going” and give me ideas for assessment. I quickly realised that the limited number of commercial resources available did not appear to the embrace the new study design nor suit my cohort of students. So, I did what I always do – write my own.

Through attendance at professional development sessions and online forums I very quickly discovered that just like me there were many teachers of the new study design that wanted to purchase resources – but there were very few to purchase. So I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about the new study design, and started to write SACs for teachers that were time poor, new to the study design or just needed a helping hand.

After a really positive response to my SACs, teachers started asking for more resources. From SACs, I have expanded the IAD catalogue to include trial examinations, revision resources and classroom theory and practical activity booklets for Units 1, 2, 3 and 4. These resources were developed in response to teacher requests – Innovative Assessment Design is always happy to respond to teacher feedback and produce resources teachers want and need.

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This eBook is about food poisoning and cross contamination. Whilst it has been written to suit U3 key knowledge and skills, it is certainly relevant to year 11 and can be adapted to suit.

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