Hi everyone 🙂

My objective for Innovative Assessment Design  was to develop Food Studies resources for teachers that gave them ideas, saved them time and made their teaching lives easier. Thank you for all the feedback that tells me I am doing just this. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me to support you.

After a busy year working full time and continuing to develop resources for teachers, at the end of term I am looking forward to spending some quality and relaxing time with my family. I will of course finish developing the U1 and 3 resources during some weeks of the break, but I will be taking some time off from my Facebook page, and I plan to be only checking email once a week.

If you have questions, queries or orders during the holiday break, please don’t hesitate to contact me – however I may take a week to respond instead of my usual 8-24 hours!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and I look forward being back on board in my usual capacity in late January 2020.