All examinations are modelled on the VCAA Unit 3-4 end of year examinations and include:

  • Section A: 15 multiple choice questions
  • Section B: Short answer and extended response questions.

Examinations are worth 100 marks each and all key knowledge and skills are covered.

Questions include a range of stimulus material such as recipes, news articles and case studies.

Trial solutions are included for each exam.

Each exam is provided as a word document to facilitate easy adaptation for your student cohort if required.

Exams for the current school year are $60 each, with bundle deals available for the purchase of two exams or more. If you require a bundle deal not listed on the Innovative Assessment Design order from, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Exams for previous school years are discounted further, but still usable and relevant for the life of the study design.

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