Hi Everyone

I hope you had a great break and managed to have a rest from school work.

Here is a PowerPoint I will use for my lower literacy students for KK 2 of U2 AOS 1 :Overview of current economic trends, issues and influences in Australian food industry sectors including farm and fisheries food production; retail food and beverage sales; and food exports and imports.” I’ve used recent issues – the COVID-19 epidemic, the China-Australia Barley trade dispute and the new Indonesia and Australia Free Trade agreement.

I hope you find it helpful. This PowerPoint is indicative of a range of PowerPoints I hope to have available for all points of KK for all 4 Units in 2020.PowerPoint U2 AOS 1_overview of current economic trends

Remember that this info is my interpretation of the study design and that the VCAA does not endorse products provided by any commerical provider. Some information in this activity comes directly from the VCAA Food Studies Study Design, a copy of which can be found at this link: https://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Documents/vce/foodstudies/FoodStudiesSD_2017.pdf