Attached is an activity that comes from my Practical Activity workbook for U2 AOS 1. This workbook comes with 13 different practical activities – plenty for you to choose from to tailor your course for your cohort. The workbooks are word files for you to easily modify should you wish to make changes for your class. These workbooks can be placed on your school intranet or LMS.

I have practical activity workbooks available for all AOS of all units, and theory activity workbooks too. I have received fantastic feedback about these workbooks from many teachers, including this feedback from Angela Butera from Ringwood Secondary College:

“We wanted to order some more resources from you.  I purchased the unit 1 activity booklets and it has been fantastic!!  In particular with the remote learning this saved us so much time.  The activities engaged the students and were ready to go.  My department were so pleased with the quality of activities that we’d like to purchase some more for Unit 2.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me

U2 AOS 1 Practical Activity 2 Fried rice Frenzy

Remember that this info is my interpretation of the study design and that the VCAA does not endorse products provided by any commerical provider. Some information in this activity comes directly from the VCAA Food Studies Study Design, a copy of which can be found at this link: